Before reading: When you look at the cover images and read the title, what do you wonder about? What questions or predictions do you have?

Explain the importance of the setting of Three Boulders.

Would you enjoy living in or visiting a community like Three Boulders? Explain why or why not.

How does Jane’s relationship with Officer D grow over the course of her twelve days in Three Boulders?

Who do you think is Jane’s biggest supporter? Explain your answer.

Why do you think Old Red named the boulders Redemption, Forgiveness, and Community? Which do you think is the most important?

Which character in the story did you identify with the most? What do you have in common?

Jane talks a lot about matching socks and her sock drawer. Who are your matching socks and why?

Why do you think the author chose the title Mostly the Honest Truth? Do you think it is important to tell the truth always? Are there ever times when you might choose to tell “mostly” the truth?

The tagline on the cover says, sometimes family finds you where you least expect it. What does this mean for Jane? What does it mean for all of us?

At the end of the story, we learn the honest truth about Jane’s hand. Gertie says that she could never do what Jane did. She calls Jane brave. Do you agree with Gertie? Would you have done what Jane did?

Is there anything you learned from reading Jane’s story?

What is your prediction for Jane’s future? Where will she be in five years? What makes you think this?

Draw a picture of the Three Boulders.

Draw a picture of your favorite moment in the book.

Write a letter to Jane or another character in the story offering some advice.

Write a list of laws and rules for your own imaginary community.

Make a menu of meals for a day in Noreen’s Dining Hall.

Try keeping a journal like Gertie. Maybe yours is a People of _____ Journal, or maybe it’s a Daily Events journal.

Write a letter from Jane to Pop explaining what it’s been like being his daughter–the good and bad.

Make a Venn Diagram to compare two characters in the story. Try Jane and Gertie, or Jane and Loam, or Pop and Officer D.

Write a different ending for the story.

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